Sylvia Gabriel


Internationally renowned photographer Sylvia Gabriel is celebrated for her prolific display of Artistic Portraiture and Couture Style Bridal photography with many Greek Celebrity Weddings in her resume. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Sylvia was raised in Melbourne, Australia. Sylvia studied Humanities and Social Sciences and achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree. This knowledge in human psychology, character and behaviour both in Myth and Archetype is expressed innately in Sylvia’s photographic pieces. Sylvia’s need for Artistic expression led her to enter the field of photography and she completed her photographic studies in Melbourne Australia. In 1999 Sylvia moved to Greece beginning her illustrious career in portraiture and Nouveau Wedding Photography.

Recently Sylvia returned to Melbourne, the place where she first fell in love with the Art of Photography, to continue and expand her career even further. She opened her new studio in Oakleigh, Melbourne. Sylvia still travels around the world bringing her unique approach to People’s photography. Every year during Greek summer she visits her birthplace and continues to create breathtaking images using the unparalleled beauty of the Greek landscape.

Sylvia’s style of Wedding photography is revealed through an outstanding array of photos taken both beautifully candid and stylised. Sylvia pioneered a new style of portraiture and wedding photography in Greece that defined the many photographers who followed in her footsteps. Her goal is to capture the romance and beauty,often capturing the spirit and the essence of a moment or a special day, in the manner of an unobtrusive photojournalist. Sylvia’s creative approach is to use her passion and soul to create images inspired by romance and imagination.Also inspired by feminine beauty Sylvias’ Bridal photography is breathtaking in capturing the intimate portrait of the Bride on her Wedding Day. Sylvia Gabriels’ aim to create timelessness in her photos is evident when we as viewers feel the need to observe her pieces endlessly always looking and seeing something new.


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